Jul. 26th, 2016 11:38 pm
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I hate politics but I feel that it's something I need to keep track off, judge and share.

I'm autistic. I never cared and originally thought "why disclose that" but realised it's just plain convenient to know. So that you realise you're supposed to input clear strings of commands if you want something from me and that you should stop wasting your time trying to imtroduce me to the beauty of common sense. It should also suggest that despite not saying a two-digit number of words throughout the whole weekend I have enjoyed our trip, sharing food is my way of saying I approve and half other things that might cement a brotherhood (really just a fancier word for allience) and by the way, if you tame me I'll take on anyone that comes.
Oh, I am pretty siple-minded. Clothes, food and comrades are my main focus and crafts regarding those the rest. It's made sad by the fact that I'm a picky eater, like eat something not worthy and get nausea picky, and poor, don't have a personal photographer and 
pretty much lose my mind in foreign company or space. Making it that I'm willing to chat up anyone I see but in the end prefer to spend time in my cave or the wildreness over civilisation, which is kind of necessary to build interhuman relations.
Sometimes I think that it might not be too much to add filmmaking, scholastics, illustration... But for now I'm good with toes interlaced in grass, the roof, mundane fights, taking care of the blood tribe, tasting things, pushing clothing forward (and sometimes furnishing), few stories, poems, unintellectual work and tea with my anthropologists. I dare you to try it without much posession and programme, it's awesome! You just judge what's good or bad from time to time and drift... And it always somehow works out. Just that there's not much stress and footprint. ...Yes, the word would be "light". After intense idk-how-many years I've become lazy and I don't regret it. Though, I may be the only one to whom laziness includes weaving, reading labels in the shop and going to the toilet in dark once it's dark... Well Ijust know it seems I'm much less busy than anyone around. Way more enjoying myself too. And I mean, what the hell's the point of living to humans?! ..Though this became kind of an offtopic. XD


I've thought about it and maybe I like the police, trains and- I haven't got that far. Oh, but I'm pretty sure locks are cool.
And icecream. That's important, minna.


I've been always trying to organise myself. Maybe that's why I have several names, several personas, several sets of past-times and several appearances loosely associated together. Tolala might be one of them too. But don't get me wrong, they're not www faces; that's my street definitions..!

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